Ton Croiset van Uchelen

My law studies in Utrecht led me to the legal profession, where I learned the ropes in the (insurance) litigation practice at Houthoff. Later switching to the business sector, I gained experience in IT (software), FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), and pharmaceuticals, usually in ultimate responsible roles as General Counsel.

For years, I’ve run my legal advisory practice, serving a varied clientele, mostly entrepreneurs and businesses. A particular focus is advising (associations of) franchisees. For my clients, I’m also available as a certified confidant and for related services, for example, in complaints committees.

In the business world, I developed a different view on underlying interests, both of my client and the opposing party. These interests often couldn’t be found in once-adopted rigid positions or in determining “legal right.” Thinking from a position of power, rather than striving for a win-win.

As an experienced MfN-mediator, my focus is on preventing conflicts and disputes, and if unavoidable, on solving them together. I’m a pleasant conversation partner, with a sharp analytical eye and ear for the “subcutaneous” and for expressed or unexpressed wishes and feelings. Attributes that come in handy in mediation, especially in franchise mediation, to bring parties together.

My focus is on preventing conflicts and disputes and, if not possible, in resolving them jointly.