Maarten Bakker

After completing my law degree at Utrecht University, I held various roles as a corporate lawyer and manager. In those roles, my natural inclination to focus on the real issues, to inquire deeply to unearth the problem before seeking solutions, proved particularly effective. At that time, someone described my approach as ‘mediation’. This inspired me to study mediation at one of the most renowned institutes, the ADR Institute in Amsterdam.

For over 20 years, I have been a trainer at that same ADR institute, and now I work as an independent mediator in business disputes. Initially at BINC Mediators and Lawyers, and now at Partner Mediation. Although I have conducted many labor and employment-related mediations, my experience is broad. I have mediated in boardroom disputes, conflicts within and with the Works Council, and in large bankruptcy and merger/acquisition disputes. During mediation, I listen carefully, including to what is not being said. My strength lies in my strong analytical ability to clarify the core issue. The courage to lay both the similarities and differences on the table can often be confrontational but helps parties to search for a real solution that lasts.

The concept of pre-mediation, where mediation skills are applied in a phase where there is not yet a conflict, greatly appeals to me. I hope to contribute with my knowledge and experience to the further development of this tool within Partner Mediation. Together with my professional and inspiring colleagues at Partner Mediation, I aim to advance the field further.