Naëtt Atkinson

After 30 years in the ‘corporate world’, in publishing and social justice, I decided in 2016 to follow my heart and set up my own mediation practice. My motto is “Change your response to conflict, change your life.” I specialize in labor law mediation and conflict coaching, contributing naturally to restoring relationships and the dignity of involved parties.

My strengths in mediation lie in not being hindered by convention. I am both analytical and creative, able to listen between the lines, and create a safe, calm space where people can express their voice and real needs.

I believe pre-mediation is an excellent concept for promoting self-awareness and recognizing and preventing conflicts early on. At the same time, it can improve the relationship and communication.

I am pleased to be associated with Partner-Mediation, thus facilitating real conversations that contribute to how people relate to conflicts.

I help people change their approach to conflict so they can change their lives.