Morly Frishman

As a versatile (legal) professional and an international business mediator (MfN Register), I have a passion for helping people and organizations handle conflict situations and, where possible, prevent these situations altogether.

A “big picture guy” yet also a fan of details and stories. Alongside my law studies (Jerusalem and later Amsterdam), I completed an interdisciplinary program, contributing to my broad perspective on life. Over the years, I’ve developed a deep understanding of conflict dynamics and the needs of people in conflict situations, thanks to a varied international legal career spanning more than two decades, working as a lawyer, researcher, clerk, justice sector advisor, multi-stakeholder process facilitator, and, more recently, as an independent consultant and mediator.

Deep down, I always knew I would become a professional mediator due to my natural inclination to mediate. My focus is on business and work relationships, especially those with an international or multicultural dimension. My greatest asset as a mediator is the ability to gain people’s trust, likely due to a naturally open, balanced, and nuanced approach. Clients also appreciate the mix I bring of genuine curiosity and empathy, an analytical and creative mind, and a solution-oriented mindset.

I am glad to join Partner-Mediation to practice pre-mediation – a concept I strongly support – with startups.

Having been one of the founders of a legal-tech startup that, like many similar entrepreneurs, stopped due to relational challenges, I want to help other startups minimize such risks.

Passionate about preventing unnecessary conflict and helping people and organisations already in a conflict situation to deal with it constructively.