Annemarie van Raay

After studying Organizational Psychology at the University of Groningen, I’ve held various HR roles at different companies, such as HR Consultant, Organizational Advisor, HR Policy Officer, and HR Manager. I also took ‘a detour’ abroad and set up a retreat in Austria called ‘Shared Silence’.

Currently, I work as a Mediator, Organizational Psychologist, and Coach. Besides, I guide individuals using the Journey method (see elsewhere on the site).

(Pre) Mediation and facilitating ‘True Conversations’ have changed my life. Thinking in terms of interests rather than positions offers so much more perspective in relationships between people, preventing and solving conflicts. It’s fantastic to contribute to this. My personal mission is to increase real conversations in the business world, improving relationships. I see myself as empathetic and genuinely attentive to others, bringing calm to conversations and listening well. I enjoy delving into issues and articulating them. I’ve undergone a personal development journey, enriching my life significantly. This drives me to see and bring out the best in others and organizations. (Pre) Mediation is a great tool for that.

My personal mission as an organizational psychologist is to facilitate real conversation in business.

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