Business Mediation

Mediation is about turning conflicts into conversation. The aim is for the parties involved to reach a solution together through a series of conversations.


As a neutral party, we take the lead and guide parties through the mediation process. Be it shareholders, management teams, franchisees, business or private relations.

Mediation puts the parties’ interests on the table, creating room for understanding and better agreements. Future-oriented.

A trip to court can be avoided with mediation.

In the mediation sessions, we look for the common interests of the parties. These may result in the parties deciding to stay together or to separate. Separation can also take place in harmony. The best is when parties gain insight into each other’s interests and grant each other the best: together or in a separated future.

Our starting point is that we guide parties with two mediators. Working in co-mediation allows for multiple perspectives, often with surprising results. The unique aspect of this approach is that we use mediators with different backgrounds (law, (organizational) psychology, business administration, tax, etc.). This means that we conduct our discussions from multiple perspectives.


The quality of our lives depends not on whether or not we have conflicts, but on how we respond to them.

Thomas Crum

Partner-Mediation has a broad, long-standing experience in conflict management and works in various fields, including:

  • Business mediation
  • Start-ups
  • Employment and Labour mediation
  • Business succession
  • Fiscal Mediation
  • Boardroom mediation
  • Confidential investigation
  • Process guidance

Essential in mediation is that the talks are conducted voluntarily and on the basis of confidentiality: only then can the parties come closer to each other.

Partner-Mediation brings trust and safety to the table.

Our mediators are certified and work according to the MfN standard conditions and regulations.