Mareille de Bloois

After my studies in social psychology, I initially worked for the government and now in the business sector as an advisor on human behavior. Often, I’m called upon to advise on difficult conversations where organizations with differing interests seek a resolution. This is how I came into contact with mediation.

During my training as a mediator at the ADR Institute, I immediately felt: this is my calling. I have a natural tendency to mediate and bring people together. People appreciate my calm in conversations and feel heard. I am goal-oriented and analytical, working towards concrete agreements and results.

Besides my work as a (pre)mediator, I currently serve as an advisor on transitions in the physical environment sector, on themes like energy transition, sustainability, mobility, and urban development issues. My focus is on creating and guiding collaborations between governments and companies to find good solutions for societal challenges. In my advice, I always consider the factors that determine human behavior to devise a good strategy to solve problems.

I am inspired by innovative and entrepreneurial people and love their energy. I am also keen to learn more about innovation. Guiding startups through pre-mediation is therefore extremely valuable to me.

What drives me is connecting people.