What We Do

Our mission is to help organisations manage conflicts. This supports a healthier business culture within and between organisations, encouraging their growth and success.

We do this by facilitating real conversations between business partners. This way, you can truly see, hear, and understand each other better, preventing or resolving conflicts together.

These conversations can take various forms.

Business Mediation

Business mediation is an effective and professional way to settle disputes.

Save time and money while working together on sustainable solutions. In a structured negotiation process, we, as neutral and professional mediators, help parties resolve conflicts within the business environment.

The core of business mediation is to bring out the underlying interests in the conflict. Once parties understand each other’s interests, they also know where there is room for a solution. A so-called win-win situation. Mediation in one day is also an option.

Business Pre-mediation

Pre-mediation is a discussion, under the guidance of an independent third party (a mediator), to prevent major conflicts. This form of mediation offers the opportunity to explore what exactly the problem is and whether you can resolve it through conversations. This form of mediation is characterised by its informal nature. Pre-mediation can be used for a wide range of topics and future, new, existing, short, or long-term business relationships.  Aligning mutual expectations is usually the core of the discussion. This could be when starting a business together or when a hindering pattern has emerged in the collaboration. We also offer the possibility to create a Partner Pact.


Partner Pact

What are the success factors for a successful collaboration? And where are the pitfalls? Are expectations articulated and aligned? Are there irritations that occasionally surface but are not discussed? By creating a Partner Pact and evaluating it annually, the focus on growth and development is maintained. Alignment and the way of working are crucial for the culture and success of the company.

Employment Mediation

Emotions can run high in an employment conflict. Our mediators specialize in guiding employment conflicts and are ready to support. We provide a safe, structured environment where the interests of the parties are looked after. Thus, you move from a situation that often consumes a lot of energy to a constructive and sustainable solution. Employment mediation can be used in a conflict between a supervisor and an employee or between the employer and the employee.

Process Guidance

As neutral third party we have experience in addressing problems of working together.

For example, when a conflict threatens to erupt between a Management Team or Board; process support, culture or conflict coaching can help the parties to be heard. The interaction and communication allows the possibility to get insight into the underlying interests. In that way the escalation of the conflict can be prevented with timely effective intervention.


Party support

In party support, we, as conflict experts, assist one of the parties. You can see it as a support and confidant in a process where you are dealing with a (threatening) business conflict. Step by step, we help you communicate and safeguard your interests through the Harvard method. We take your concerns constructively off your hands and work towards a sustainable solution for you.