Party Counseling

When one of the parties in a negotiation or (potential) conflict situation enlists the help of conflict experts to guide the process, this is called party counseling.

At the outset, together with the client, we start with a thorough analysis of the situation. What is going on, what are the interests of the parties involved and to what extent is there an escalation?

After the analysis, we guide the client in determining the strategy and the concrete steps to be taken. In doing so, we take a more or less active role, depending on the requirements.

Bewustwording van conflictpatronen is de start om anders met conflictsituaties om te gaan.

Specifically, this means that we, as conflict experts from your interests,

  • conduct written and/or oral communication with the other party. This can be both direct and indirect
  • think with you on a confidential basis
  • help you make the right considerations
  • pay attention to both the relationship and the content

to reach a supported solution.

If desired, the agreements can also be written down in (legal) documentation.

Thus, we offer on the one hand a safe, stable basis to fall back on and experience support, and on the other hand a professional, solution-oriented, pragmatic approach in order to reach a solution.