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Annemarie and Roelof of Partner-Mediation have assisted in our mediation process last year. They are very knowledgeable and know how to create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe to share, discuss and initiate ideas/options how to resolve the situation.
It was extremely helpful to have two mediators assisting in this often difficult and painful process. This has its effect on the group dynamics. Both partners/parties in mediation have the feeling they are supported by one of the mediators and both mediators bring their special expertise to this project.
Looking back on these last years I strongly feel that we should have engaged Annemarie and Roelof much earlier.
If I would start a business with other partners again, I will always start with pre-mediation, followed by yearly or bi-yearly mediation. I believe this is a vital part of successful continuation and growth of your company and evenly important personal growth.
Caroline (business mediation in 2021)’

De meeste conflicten zijn een uitnodiging om anders tegen zaken aan te kijken.