On our blog, we share news, opinions, and our vision on business mediation. This way, we stay sharp and informed, and we bring you along with us.

Sometimes people ask us what kind of disputes we mediate. Almost every dispute where there seems to be a conflict in viewpoints is suitable for mediation but here’ s a concrete list of examples.

  • co-founder and executive level disputes
  • complex multi-party interpersonal disputes and team dynamics issues
  • family business matters
  • mergers & acquisition related disputes
  • tax matters
  • evaluative relationship related conflicts
  • peer and colleague related conflicts
  • career progression and development issues
  • organizational, strategic, and mission related disputes
  • values and ethics related problems

If you are in a dispute you might be worried about losing money, clients, your job/business, your reputation and perhaps your own identity. Mediation adresses all of the concerns. We keep the process simple and focus on addressing your concerns. We run the process that surfaces the choices so you can take the decisions about substance.

At Partner Mediation we always work with two mediators to provide you with the best guidance and the tools to be in charge of your future.

Structured conflict resolution helps to manage the people, the problem and the process.