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Recently we had the opportunuity to have an observer in the room while having Pre Mediation sessions with 10 different start-ups in FashionTech. We saw this as a great way to ask an ‘outsider’ to share her insights. Here they are.- A neutral and safe space in which the teams turned the cards over the table- Reflections both at the level of vision, future and drivers and at the level of more concrete and contingent problems- Awareness of both the team’s strengths and possible problems- Questions adapted to team members, both from a cultural and character point of view- The work of two pre-mediators together made it possible to see multiple aspects simultaneously- Greater acceptance in the team of the different points of view of the team members- Sharing action plans to prevent and manage possible problems- Pre-mediation work helped the team to “see” the team.

Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it.