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Getting to the root cause of a problematic situation is always a daunting task. No matter who we bring to the table. After all, it goes much deeper than the symptoms we see on the surface. It takes willingness and perseverance to want to investigate in a nuanced way what is really going on. It takes courage.

Do you see the difference between the cause and the root-cause of your (near) conflict? Are you aware of underlying dynamics? Are you willing to look at yourself and what is bothering you? And if you know that, can you also name that to the other(s)?

Every time it is surprising what root-cause we end up with. But when the root-cause is expressed, it is as if the dark clouds suddenly dissipate and it clears up. As if time stands still for a moment and the essential is touched. Then everything seems to fall together, to fall into place, an eye-opener.

We seem to have little time to stand still. But what happens during True Conversations is life-changing.


Contrary to popular wisdom and behaviour, conflict is not a bad thing for a team. In fact, the fear of conflict is almost always a sign of problems.

Patrick Lencioni