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Regularly we see business partners who are also loved ones. I personally think that this has to do with the fact that we more and more are seeking purpose in our lives. If we get conscious about our purpose we  also get conscious about our partner relationships and especially the underlying values. That is where business- and private life (and vice versa) easily come together. You are driven by the same purpose.

Working with your loved business partner seems easy because you know each other well. At the same time you can no longer not bring your private life into work. This can be managable by the two of you, but did you ever question how other Co-Founders/Teammembers experience this? 

What if business goes on 24 hours, even talking through stuff in bed? How does that feel for the others? What can you do to further improve your cooperation? 

Have a True Conversation and find out. 

De meeste conflicten zijn een uitnodiging om anders tegen zaken aan te kijken.