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Most of us have one of the two following styles in negotiating; or you roll right over the other party or you just roll over. Great negotiators know that you don’t have to choose between results and relationships. Both can go hand in hand with each other, in such a way, that both parties cooperate to ‘finish the puzzle together’.

If you behave more or less like a “people pleaser” and cares a lot about the relationship, you may adjust your negation style towards an attitude where you keep caring about the relationship and in the same time bringing in focus on the results.

If you behave more or less like a “bulldozer/steamwaller” and focus on getting to the results, you may adjust your negotiation style towards an attitude where you are able to pronounce your interests in a way that the relationship with the other party is respected.

In our (pre) mediation sessions negotiating is a recurring part of the proces. We can help you to balance out these two substantial factors to come to beautiful puzzles.

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