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Founders are often curious what we talk about in Pre Mediation sessions. What other entrepreneurs bring to the table and how they can learn from that.

Let’s give some insight, here a couple of themes that whe addressed in our True Converations.

What happens when your co-founder drops you just before an important deadline? How to deal with people in your company that are not taking the responsibility you were expecting? What should co-founders do when one of them is encountering financial difficulties or another serious live event ? Is it a problem for co-founders to be engaged in other professional endeavors? Is the apparent lack of any relational issues in itself a cause of concern? How to get more accountability and responsibility from a co founder. What happens when 2 co-founders deal with stress completely differently? When does your stress levels and stress management, impact your partner negatively? What are potential dynamics when a husband and wife team want to engage a third cofounder?

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